Week 5: Curriculum Development

As much as I want to believe that teachers have a large part in curriculum, I know that it’s not true.  The public has probably one of the larger voices when it comes to developing curriculum, parents have a large voice believe that they know best when it comes to teaching their kids.  And when a parents voice doesn’t get heard by the school or the school board, it becomes a government issue, hence the government is another extremely influential developer of the curriculum.  If the current curriculum doesn’t fit their platform, they’ll get rid of it, and if enough people are complaining about a specific part of the curriculum, they’ll make it a part of their platform to get elected.

However, I personally believe that teachers should have one of the largest inputs on curriculum given that teachers have to teach said curriculum everyday.  We don’t let patients dictate how surgeons have to perform complex surgeries that they don’t understand, and same should be with curriculum.  However, the difference is parents believe they have their children’s best interests in mind, but if teachers didn’t have students best interests in mind, then they wouldn’t be teachers.


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